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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving artworks

Hope you're all having a lovely day and for those in the United States, a very great Thanksgiving holiday! Why not post some artworks that are in the art nouveau style that celebrate the holiday? ;)

Thanksgiving Art Nouveau images:

Cover for Harper's Bazar (Harper's Bazaar), 1894 by Louis Rhead.

Cover for Harper's Bazar by Charles Louis Hinton, 1896.

Cover for Puck Magazine, 1905 by Carl Hassman.

Turkey statue at the art nouveau "Turkey Cafe" in Leicester, England. Photo via wikicommons.

Advertisement for Chap Book literary magazine by Will H. Bradley, 1895.

A beautiful turkey design, author unknown.

Harper's Bazar cover, 1889, possibly by Eugène Grasset (but am not 100% sure)

Cover for Life magazine, 1900.

Harper’s Bazar illustration by Will H. Bradley, 1895.

Vintage Thanksgiving card

That's about all the images I could find for now...have a great holiday!

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