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Friday, August 2, 2019

Enchanted Living: Art Nouveau issue

Several months ago I happened to learn that Enchanted Living Magazine (formerly Faerie Magazine) was in the process of making an Art Nouveau issue for Summer. I knew of the magazine since I was a teenager and I was intrigued to see the magazine's take on the subject of Art Nouveau. I have to say, after receiving it in the mail, that it is a lovely piece that features some of the most talented AN artists of today and covers topics relating to that era.

Inside this summer issue are multiple articles coupled with lovely and gorgeous photographs, capturing the true essence of Art Nouveau. It feels almost like you are looking at a real life Mucha painting on the pages and the breadth of talent is remarkable. I especially loved the showcases on fashion and jewelry design - not to mention the traditional art and photographs as well.

Among the artists/companies I recognized were: Kelly Morgen, Yoann Lossel, Matt Hughes, Stephanie Young and Firefly Path. I feel a sense of happiness in knowing that I reblogged some of their creations way back a few years ago on Tumblr. I'm so happy to see them gain some extra recognition for their abilities. Truly talented people! (and if you want to see my interview with Kelly Morgen, click here!)

I was also pleased to see the issue discuss novel ideas like Solarpunk and the inspirations of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Overall it was an excellent issue and was a treat to see in the mail. It felt like my birthday present had arrived early! Everything was so beautiful, professional and well put together. I highly recommend ordering this issue if you love Art Nouveau.

You can order the issue here if you like.

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